Hello there!

My name is Jeremy. I design and develop things. I fix things.

I've been making websites since the late 90's.

Currently Web Projects

When it comes to websites, I'm working on the following:

  • building something new on this website as this design is temporary
  • an e-commerce website
  • making a site that's horsin' around
  • maintaining websites that use the Drupal CMS/Framework
  • designing some websites on a friends custom PHP framework
  • some static websites

I can help you create solutions for a variety of business issues. I've worked for all sizes of businesses.

I may help with the following:

Website design, website development, databases, photo editing, graphics, content creation, SEO, project management, social media and choosing software.

What I'm learning now:

3D Modeling

Contact Jeremy

Link to Contact page will be here by June 16

Tweet me @GreenSkunk

Coming soon LinkedIn and Skype